May 27, 2015

Gilbert AZ Real Estate

Investing in Gilbert, AZ Neighborhoods

Gilbert is a young affluent community found in central Arizona. Gilbert AZ Real Estate offers a vibrant community with numerous amenities, parks, an illustrious history and nature preserves . It is only a half hour drive from phoenix. It has abundant parks and recreation sites, various attractions and activities and it hosts a lot of events. Gilbert agents help home buyer with a diverse selection of fine Gilbert real estate choices that fits their budget and lifestyle.

It is an ideal community for both retirees and families and provides a choice of location. It preserves its history with Gilbert Historical museum and Gilbert Heritage District. It offers special events, photographs and exhibits. It reflects its proud past and its growing place among modern affluent communities.

Gilbert Master Planned Communities

Gilbert AZ is widely known for its classy master planned communities. Each community has a different settings, social amenities and the prices of homes also differs subject to the community.

The following are some of the master planned community in Gilbert Arizona;

Power Ranch

It is located in southeast Gilbert Arizona. It is planned to retain a small town intimate feel. It is abound by lush landscaping, tree lined streets, sidewalks, themed foliage, parks and acres of hallmarks. It also has a 2.2 acre fishing lake and a world class club house. It has multiple community swimming pools, picnic areas and courts are in plenty. The sizes and prices range from 1,300 square feet 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes at around $215,000 to 6,000 square feet 5/5’s at $850000.  Search for homes for sale in Power Ranch here.

Val Vista Lakes

Val Vista Lakes homes for sale

Val Vista Lakes

Located in the north Gilbert Arizona on both the east and west sides of Val Vista Road. It includes seven custom-gated communities. It is a 900 acre master planned community with four sports parks, bike and walking paths and a club house featuring racquetball courts, tennis complex, banquet and meeting rooms for example. It also offers a variety of commercial businesses and schools. The homes are affordable and the educational needs of your children are catered for.


Agritopia is a master planned community located in the heart of Gilbert Arizona, south of the new loop 202 thus providing easy access to everything. It is unique compared to other communities as its homes are situated in an actual working farm. The homes are unique due to the farming and cultural heritage. It has a wide selection of homes and it is expected to be appealing for a long time to come.

There is so much to enjoy when buying a home in Gilbert AZ. We offer you a wide selection of homes with the best location and amenities that suits your needs. Our prices are pocket friendly thus catering for the needs of all buyers. We meet our customers needs and we always have homes available fr sale. Make an informed decision by investing with us as we give you a return on your money. You can visit our website to search for a home of your choice and also have a look at our offers.

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April 24, 2015

Featuring the latest gadget “Apple Watch – Rise “

Apple iwatch was released today and this video have quickly been one of the most trending topics for today 4/24/2015.

The watch platform seems to be designed for easy simple user engagement and comfortable piece of wearable technology.

the watch is clearly still needs advancement before it can actually useful tool worthy of its value.…

November 20, 2014

Painting A House Before Selling It.

The Value Of Painting A Home Before Selling It.

A good first impression of your home helps you sell it very fast. One of the best and easiest ways to give interested buyers a good first impression is a clean and fresh coat of paint. This also means you will get a higher price for your home.

To get good value for your home, the following tips on house painting should be followed:

> Paint with neutral, versatile colors so that if the new homeowner wants to repaint with a color of their choice, this is easier to do over white than over other deep colors.

> The right type of paint should be chosen so it leaves a lasting effect and takes control of wear and tear. If possible, use an Eco-friendly paint that will not contribute to ozone and smog formation or cause respiratory illnesses. This is because some buyers are chemically sensitive or have young children.

> The chips or scratches on the walls due to picture hanging, grooves from bicycle pedals and scratches from moving furniture should be cleaned up with some plaster filler and sand back before painting. This helps smooth out the walls before paint is applied.

> Painting should be finished well before the home is shown because a freshly painted wall can look suspicious since it may hide damp or structural cracks.

The following are reasons to paint your home before selling it:

  1. Painting the interior and exterior of your home results in a large increase in the value of your home and is a great return on investment.
  2. It will attract more potential buyers to your home and is guaranteed to sell twice as fast as homes that have not been painted.
  3. Painting helps to brighten areas of your home which you want your buyer to see, and hide areas of your home you do not want your buyer to see.
  4. Your home will look appealing because painting lessens long-term wear and tear on your house. Paint will also lock out pollution, blocks UV rays from damaging your house from the outside and keeps rain from damaging wooden structures. This will then protect your building materials and improve climate control within your home
  5. The interior paint provides a psychological boost, and can remove old smoking odors and stains that cling to painted surfaces by locking them under a new coat of paint. Painting will also hide hand prints and crayon marks and improve air quality inside your home
  6. Painting wards off nasty fungal and mold infections in your home by covering up the crevices
  7. The exterior painting is important because most buyers first look at the outside of the home before they decide to look inside, this is the curb appeal, and is the single greatest factor in selling your home.
  8. Painting your interior walls will give your home a new look at a fraction of the cost of a renovation. It will instantly make your entire home look cleaner. House painting will cover permanent marks, wear and tear and problem stains on your interior. This will make your home look brand new inside.

In conclusion, to increase the value of your home invest some money on painting if you want it to get the highest value possible. Painting is usually an affordable way to go as it is the least expensive and most cost-effective addition. The potential benefits of hiring a painting contractor to increase the longevity of your assets, your psychological well-being, and the positive effects on buyers makes it a worthwhile project. A home that has peeling, chipped paint looks run-down and unappealing and is difficult to sell.…

October 22, 2014

Maps – The Best Kept Secret to Buying Real Estate

McDowell Mountain ranch homes for sale

Homes for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch

What you see is what you get when purchasing real estate. Or should I say, what you don’t see is also what you get and it can have a big impact on how successful your real estate portfolio is.
The old saying “Location, Location, Location” is really true. In the past, in order to purchase real estate, you had to physically be in the area you wished to purchase and you needed to have someone knowledgeable about the area – or at least a good Realtor.
Today, location is still one of the primary focus points when purchasing real estate, but aerial maps used to view real estate online remove the guesswork and save you time and money and sometimes Realtor commissions.
Many times a home or property will have what is called “curb appeal”. That means exactly what it sounds like -the home or commercial building looks good from the street or curb. It’s not until you get inside, or have lived or worked in the area for a while that the facade starts to crumble. And it’s too late as you now have buyer’s remorse.
Don’t fret as this can be a thing of the past! Using aerial maps to view real estate online will put you heads above the others and help you make the best decision. Software such as Google Maps and Google Streets, as well as aerial image software can benefit you in many ways.
For instance, let’s say that you or your client wishes to look at homes for sale in Scottsdale Arizona. The “must haves” include nearby mountains for hiking, a gated community, large backyards and a top-notch golf course nearby. You could use an aerial view to check out DC Ranch homes to see how they back up to the mountain and are intermingled with the golf course.  Oh and the home has to be well-maintained, near the freeway but also secluded and the homes next door cannot be too close. If you use Google Maps and Google Streets, you should be able to get a curbside view of the home, and the others near it, as well as “walk” or “drive” down the street within the mapping software. On the home you are interested in, the aerial images will show you how the roof looks, what landscaping may be in the back yard and how close the neighbors really are! You can also tell if they like to hoard junk behind the walls of the home. You can also quickly see if the home is close to the freeway and which golf courses are nearby – the same goes for shopping and other activities that are important.

If you are looking for a home in Sarasota Florida. You have the choice of the mainland as well as the nearby islands of Lido Key, St. Armands Key, Otter Key, Coon Key, Bird Key and some of Siesta Key. With the use of aerial maps used to view real estate online, you can peruse the home offerings on the mainland and the islands to see if these areas appeal to you. You can use the software programs to check out distances, work locations and even school boundaries. Nearby recreational facilities and health care options such as hospitals may make the difference too.
If you are thinking of a commercial property, using aerial maps to view real estate online helps you determine things such as age and condition of the building, access points for shipping out and/or deliveries, easy customer access and access to parking and best of all – current competitors!
Using aerial maps to view real estate online is pretty simple. Just a few mouse clicks and you are there. Products such as Google Maps and Google Streets are available on your computer, on your tablet or Ipad and on your phone. You can also share your Google apps across devices so what you have viewed online is right there with you in the car or outside the property when you are making a decision. If you are a Realtor, this can help when your client asks you, “Is there a (blank) around here?” If you have limited time and/or you are in an auction situation, using aerial maps will help you “preview” the property if you know the address beforehand or help you quickly evaluate the neighborhood and amenities, as well as evaluate comparable properties in the neighborhood if you are limited in time to make your decision.
Buying and investing in real estate can be an exciting experience, especially if you find a gem or a steal. Using aerial maps to view real estate online certainly gives you a step up and helps you make a truly informed decision so that what you see is really what you get.…